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I am a mother of 8 year old twins and I also have a baby who turns 1 in a few days! Having Twins has been an awesome journey especially since the first 6 years was as a single mother.

The choice to have another child was something I made sure I was ready for (probably part of why it took me 8 years!) and I have been married to my Adorable husband for nearly 2 years now. We planned to have bub and were blessed with him being our honeymoon baby.

With my twins, the birth was very clinical and I felt like the doctors took away my rights. With Lincoln, I made the choice to have just a Midwife and a natural birth. I’m so glad I did! Nothing has ever made me feel more like a woman than birthing my baby!!

I’ve found it intersting going from having two othewise independant children to having to go through the process of nappies etc again. I’m still breastfeeding bub and had planned to stop by now but being an Earthy Style Mother, I’m allowing him to decide but I do have a cut off point (and in 12 days it’s cut down to one feed before bed!)

My phylosophy on parenting is to bring my children up to be as Self-Sufficient as possible and they are very capable (When they choose to be hehe). For them to know they are loved, happy, healthy, connected and beautifully grounded is my greatest wish for them. My daughter is in a Steiner Class at school and I’m looking at Home Schooling bub. My older son can be challenging at times but he keeps going from strength to strength.

I made the choice not to Immunise my 3 children as I had an Adverse Reaction when I was 15 to the MMR Immunisation and decided to research further. If you want any Independant information on Immunisations and Vaccines, I’d be more than happy to send you some.

My husband is without a doubt (though I may say otherwise at times and I’m sure he does too) my Best Friend and Soul Mate. Having someone I can laugh with, cry with and grow with is not only something I adore but such a blessing to show my 3 children how it CAN be. I have no guarantee for the future and some people ask me how I’m capable of trusting any “man” due to my past and to them I say, even if he DOES something that could hurt me, leave me etc.. I KNOW I will be ok and feel strong enough to be able to love him unconditionally while I can.

I’ve made the choice to Put on my skin only things you wouldn’t get ill from eating. Therefore I choose to use predominantly Organic Products-For my face I use SOE, for my body I use Organic Coconut Oil and for my hair Abache. I only go to Dr’s when I need, one for a referal or “ladies 2 year check ups”. I do eat take-away food but fast food seems to be becoming less and less apealing as time goes on. During the week, I allow myslef to drink only water, I drink sometimes though not in excess anymore. If (which rairly happens) I do get sick, I use Natural Therapies to heal myself or go to my Kinesiologist. It would be great to teach you some tecniques!

 I am currently Studying Kinesiology/Neuro Training, Qi Gong, Cert 3 in Childrens Services (I’d like to work with Children too, they inspire me!!) and have studied Reiki, Lifecoaching, Natural Therapies, Meridian Systems, Lymphatic Stimulation, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Psycic Awareness, Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing. I also started to train as a Hairdressing Apprentice and learnt how to do facial/beauty treatments when I was working in a Dayspa.

Outside of that, I’ve worked as a Pharmacy Assistant, Receptionist, Health and Beauty Shop Manager, New Car Sales and Aftermarket Consultant. I have now started A Dose of Reality as this is my passion.

I love being able to help people help themselves and I incorporate all of the above, my skills and experience – in both study and life, into my business. I feel the most important thing to have in life is Balance. I am a Spiritual Person but do not feel the need to be defined BY my spirituality, I dress the same as everyone else and haven’t hugged a tree in a long time =) We watch TV though I refrain from watching the News. I believe to heavily in “Hypnotic Suggestion” and don’t want to believe what they’re selling.

I am a Truth Seeker to the extreem and believe nothing hurts more than a lie. I LOVE to research! I am human, I have bad days but thankfully they’re becoming very few and far between but they do still happen. I love the obsticals that come my way as they make me stronger.

Before you ask, no I didn’t come from money and my parents didn’t support me with any of my ventures, I did this all by myself and you can too. My Mum is now an amazing woman and my Sperm Donor has only drifted further into self-destruction..

I have been hurt, cheated on, I’ve got involved in things waaay over my head, I’ve cried myself to sleep at night, I’ve lost myself for a while, I’ve been dumped, I’ve been backstabbed, I’ve been homeless, I’ve done things that have hurt myself, I’ve been lied to, I’ve seen people being hurt, I’ve seen more than I wish I had, I’ve experienced a lot of bad thing but none of them broke me!

This is why WHATEVER it is that’s going on in your life or HAS happened, I know you will be ok too and I would LOVE to be able to show you how so you know it too. I believe in you even if you don’t see it right now.. You are the driver in your life, let me show you..

Are you ready for A Dose of Reality??

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