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Last week I had a MASSIVE momment of clarity!!

I, being a Lifecoach am constantly helping people help themselves with Goal setting.  A common thread around everyones goals is concouring fear.  Working with my client last week, _____ turned around and asked “So what fear have you overcome?”  I sat there and though, yes I’ve overcome the thought of not being good enough and the thought of needing someone to tell me what I’m doing is right and this is what I shared, BUT, My biggest fear is actually to sing in public!

After our session, I spent some time by myself (as I do after every session and I suggest my clients do the same) to really process it.  I am a nobel person.  What kept coming up for me was what right do I have to tell people how to concour their fears when my biggest is still a dominant factor in MY LIFE?!?

This wasn’t good enough and my clients deserve better, I deserve better than to live in fear-we all do. SO Last night I attended my first GROUP singing lesson!

Talk about nervous!!  At one point I was so I was CONFIDENT I was literally going to er.. “relieve myself” in the middle of class!  Thankfully as the exercises started, I realised we were all in the same boat.  AND more importantly IT WAS FUN!!!  My goodness, from my biggest fear to the thing I am looking forward to the most next week.

I wanted to share this as I’ve been wanting to do singing lessons for at least 8 YEARS.. I’ve missed out on 8 years of something that I ENJOY DOING.. I more likely than not don’t sound any good but I’m happy I’m doing it. 

SINGING LIKE NO BODYS LISTENING! (or like the world is tone deaf hehe!)

Much Love, Light and Laughter to you and your path,

Make your own way there..

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